Awesome & Awesome Team Up in Venice: Chariots on Fire Pop-Up Shop at Tortoise

Michelle and I will find any excuse for a road trip to Venice. And not because we like the beach and its boardwalk. We find those parts a bit scary.

We love Venice for one reason and one reason alone: Abbot Kinney Boulevard, a unique stretch of uber cool shops, restaurants and cafes. 

First stop, Intelligentsia for a latte. Then on to A+R to pick up something cool for the home; Guild for a sweet, new shirt; LFrank to gaze at some bling; Gjelina for a dericious lunch; and last but not least, our personal favorite(s): Tortoise and Tortoise General Store (TGS). 

Opened in 2003 by husband and wife team, Keiko and Taku Shinomoto, Tortoise has an irresistible selection of "", such as art, jewelry, out-of-print books and vintage and original home furnishing. All from or inspired by Japan.

Speaking of "", have you checked out Chariots on Fire? Owners, Ritz Yagi and Oriana Reich, describe themselves as slightly obsessed with combining the old and the new, particularly vintage and contemporary jewelry.

We were sad to see them relocate from San Francisco to LA, but we K.I.T with their amazing collection online.

Sooooo, when we heard that our Southern California Wonder Twin powers were teaming up to host a Chariots on Fire Pop-up Shop at Tortoise, we were ecstatic! Yay! 

Chariots on Fire, will be offering their unique collection of jewelry at Tortoise from August 18th to September 18th. We particularly love the bold, oversized ceramic shapes and colors from Marion Vidal, recently featured in British Vogue, and the sculpted Whitby Jet (black fossilized wood) pieces from Jacqueline Cullen.


Well, it looks like the Stock Sisters have the perfect excuse for road trip to Venice…

August 18, 2011 - September 18, 2011
Chariots on Fire Pop-up Shop @ Tortoise

1342 ½ Abbot Kinney Venice, CA


Top three photos: Marion Vidal Ceramic Necklaces; Source: Chariots on Fire
Middle two photos: Marion Vidal Ceramic Necklaces; Source: British Vogue, August 2011
Last two photos: Jacqueline Cullen Whitby Jet Rings; Source: Chariots on Fire