Black isn't just for Sheep


I'm crazy over this beautiful, extraterrestrial furniture collection from the Spanish artist, Maximo Riera. I love color, but when jet black is used in an unexpected, unconventional way, it stops my heart. Here are some of my favorite all black pieces featuring animals.

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The artist, Maximo Riera, has predominantly worked in photography, painting and sculpture, has now forayed into furniture design. This series, called Animal Chairs, was created by turning the artist's sketches into 3D models that are then used to precisley cut compressed foam blocks with a computerized sculpting tool. A Lion, Beetle and Whale are also planned. 


Photos courtesy of goodygrams.comStunning jet black shot glasses from Japanese designers, Goody Grams. Each glass features a pewter animal head -- Bull, Bear, Moose, Deer or Rhinoceros -- designed to balance on their nose and ears/horns when flipped. 


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The now iconic Mobilier de Compagnie collection from French design house, Ibride, uses silhouettes of animals to create unique pieces for the home. 

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