We're excited to announce that we're having a week-long sale with Fab.com that starts tonight at 7PM EST / 4PM PST! Founded only a year ago, Fab.com, "a marketplace to discover everyday design", reaches over 4.5MM members. We'll be part of The Kids Shop tonight through June 6th. 

This is an amazing opportunity for us to reach a ton of new people! To celebrate the occasion, we created two new tees featuring two amazing katdoodles:  a Bunny wearing Groucho Marx glasses and a Seafaring Platypus. Also, exclusive to the sale, we will be offering onesies. 

Be sure to check it out and share the news with your friends! If you're not a member, register here: http://fab.com/ftw5b4


Screen shot 2012-05-30 at 9.32.13 AM.png
Diana StockComment