Factory Sale - Tuberose Scented Candle - No Box

Factory Sale - Tuberose Scented Candle - No Box


We’re having our semi-annual Factory Sale! We need to make room for new products in our studio. This is your chance to get discounted products that do not meet our standard for regular pricing. Candles are considered seconds if they have less than perfect printing on jars and/or slightly imperfect boxes, or no box (if noted) but will still burn beautifully. All sales from our Factory Sale are final — no returns, exchanges, or refunds. Factory Sale items are not eligible for further discounts or promotions.

Green herbal notes inspired by emerging fig leaves, the sun-drenched woodiness of warm bark, and a ripe creaminess of the succulent fruit itself. All grounded in an earthy, musky base. A worthy tribute to the timeless beauty for which it’s named.

Our scented candles reflect our commitment to fine craftsmanship. High quality fragrance oils are blended with an all natural vegetable wax to create a luxurious scent that will add an air of warmth to any room. Hand poured in California, each candle is approximately 8.5 oz. and burns for about 60 hours.

Notes: fig leaf, green and herbal accords, cream, cedarwood

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Tips to enhance longevity and safety when burning our candles: Burn the candle for about 3 hours the first time or until the melted wax has reached the sides of the jar. Burn for periods between 2 to 3 hours. If you wish to burn for longer, extinguish the candle, wait till it has cooled, trim the wick to 1/4”, and burn again. Trim the wick to 1/4” before each use. Remove any wick, match or other debris that have fallen into the wax before each use. Additional candle care and safety tips can be read here.