Select a Candle Gift Set

Select a Candle Gift Set


Take the guesswork out of gift giving with our Select a Candle Gift Set. It’s as simple as: You give. They choose. 

  1. Your lucky recipient receives seven tealight candles to explore our entire range of scents.

  2. They select their favorite scent and use a unique promo code to order.

  3. We ship them a full-size candle. Voila!

Candle gift sets include seven tealight candles that burn for 2 - 3 hours each, complimentary gift box and wrapping, personalized gift card and promo code towards a full-size candle (US shipping included).

Even those hard to please people in your life will love this. It’s the perfect gift. The gift of choice. 

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Enjoy our video about our Select a Candle Gift Set. Directed by Stu Maschwitz.